Take control of your future

Everyone is welcome regardless of club or school affiliation!

Aloha and welcome to ProspectsHI Training Academy (PHITA). 


Personally, I have more than 20 years of experience helping young athletes achieve success - National Championships, State Championships, High-Performance Championships, MVP selections, All-Tournament Selections, Fab 15 Selections, and team members at every level of college. I've truly been blessed to be a part of some amazing journeys. For that I'm truly thankful.


At this juncture of my own journey, I find myself asking, "how can I increase the number of athletes that I impact in a positive way?" 


My answer, PHITA.


Larry Tuileta, Geno Hawkins, and I have founded PHITA with two main goals in mind. One, create an independent training organization that welcomes every athlete from every community, school, and club program in the state (, world). Two, provide an environment where some of the best coaches on the island can share their knowledge and expertise with young athletes. An elite level training environment that's available to athletes of all experience levels and from all areas of the island.


It's our personal evolution as coaches, our creeds if you will. A commitment to one of the best communities in the country. When our kids succeed, we all succeed! We know this and we're committed to making it happen!


With Aloha,


Lee Lamb


for athletes of all levels

​All Skills

Looking for a session that helps you improve your overall game? We got a session for that. 


Learn the how and why of attacking. We work from the ground up to help you be more proficient.


Learn to control the ball and you're almost guaranteed play time. Everyone should enroll in these sessions.


If you're a setter, a lot rides on your ability to deliver a quality ball consistently. Let us help you get there. 


Open Gyms

Play with and against athletes from all over the island. Although coaches facilitate the session, they do not provide instruction.

Private Training

One on one training with the instructor of your choice. All sessions are 1 hour in duration and by appointment only.

Keiki Academy

These sessions are specifically designed to develop athleticism... with a slight bias towards volleyball. For ages 10 and under.

Max w/ Vertimax

Sport specific resistance training that's going to kick your butt. Come rested and don't say that we didn't warn you.


"You're responsible for your own goals and outcomes. Set goals that inspire you and get after it!"


Tessa Fournier

3x Big East Libero of the Year


Return to Play Safety

Risk management is on everyone's mind. We understand. In order to help minimize risks, the following protocols have been implemented.

  • Hand Washing - all coaches and athletes must wash their hands prior to entry into the gym.

  • Capacity Restrictions - class sizes are limited to meet CDC or government guidelines.

  • Restricted Entry - only athletes and coaches are allowed in the gym. Drop off and pick-up only.

  • Enhanced Cleaning Protocols - balls and equipment are sanitized before and after every session.

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations - hand sanitizer is readily available to all participants.

  • Physical Distancing - we ask all coaches & athletes to physically distance as much as possible.

  • Masks - Masks are required at all times, even during training sessions.

  • Self Assessment - for sessions at Le Jardin only. This form must be completed on the day of an event and prior to each session.