Everyone is welcome regardless of club or school affiliation!

Knowledge isn't power, applied knowledge is power.

- Eric Thomas -

First, we're excited for you! If you're here, it means there's a goal. It means there's a love for the sport and a desire to play at the collegiate level.


It's a worthy goal!


As someone that has dedicated more than 20 years of their life to helping develop student-athletes, I think it's imperative that you invest time in the recruiting process. It's your future. You're the one that's going to have to eat, sleep, and breath the college experience. Not mom. Not dad. Not the recruiting service that's telling you that they're going to do all the heavy lifting and find the right fit for you. Trust me, you want to invest time in your future!


You're worth it!  


With that said, there's nothing wrong with partnering with people you trust (parents, peers, coaches, etc.) and leveraging all the resources you can. In fact, it's a smart play. However, at the end of the day, it's best you represent yourself. It's what college coaches want. They want to know that playing at the next level is important to you and there's no better way to gauge how much someone wants it than seeing them put in the work.


Go get it!


Although we feel strongly that you should be in charge of the recruiting process, we know you're going to need a guiding hand. We know the process can be overwhelming and it shouldn't have to be. Let us provide you with the resources and guidance necessary to be effective. Our entire focus is on eliminating the guesswork, being a support system, and empowering you to secure the best fit possible for your situation.


You can do it!


Playing in college is possible and you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a service that claims they do the work for you! Leverage 20 years of experience, get the guidance you need, and move through the process with confidence!


We'll guide you!

Temple University and Kamehameha Schools - Kapalama Alumna, Mia Heirakuji.


be better prepared and more effective

A - Z


A comprehensive A to Z guide that provides critical insight into the recruiting process.


Regularly scheduled online sessions that are designed to answer your questions along the way.


A library of resources under one roof that helps you save valuable time.

30 MIN


A private 30 minute consult call to help answer your initial questions and get you off on the right foot.

Mahalo for this helpful informational session!

The Jeremiah Ohana

Lauren G.

Thank you coaches :)

Thanks for the webinar invite. I liked it! Good informational session!

Mark H.

Becca S.

Thank you for running the SUPER helpful webinar this afternoon!

John P.

Thanks Coach Lee for letting us know about this and helping out with info! Yeah... we are really lost and trying to get our son the most info we can.

We appreciate you sharing your insight as we navigate recruiting in the corona era.

Maria V.

Holly R.

Thank you for the first Zoom recruitment session. Very good session! I wish some of this was available 3 years ago.

Thank you for your dedication to our youth and the excellent athletic and college prep program you created!

John M.



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Private Consults

20 years of experience in your corner

  • Get Answers

    Shed the doubt and get your questions answered. 

  • Develop a Strategy

    Each journey is unique and specific to the individual athlete. Let's develop a strategy that works best for you.

  • Practice a Call

    Nervous about calling a coach? Let's do a  practice run together so you can work out the jitters before you make the call that matters..


Not ready for a membership yet or a consult call? Not a problem. Start by picking up our comprehensive database that lists over 1800+ colleges and universities that have volleyball programs.


The College Database is a great resource for any Prospective Student-Athlete and includes...

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